How can we help you?

  • AmplePoints has decided to make Uber/Lyft drivers our brand ambassadors (instead of making big companies) to advertise. We want to help Uber drivers to make more money for their families and it helps customers, helps AmplePoints and helps businesses as well.

  • Uber/Lyft drivers must complete their profile page accurately and enter the proper information as required such as TIN/SS number, mailing address, and bank information so that AmplePoints can mail the 1099 at the end of the year and transfer your earnings into your bank account.

  • Customers sign up on AmplePoints using the drivers referral code. The customers information will show up on the My Profile page under My Chain. Once the customer spends $100 the driver is qualified to receive $10. Customers have up to 1 year to spend $100 using your referral code to receive your $10.

  • Uber/Lyft drivers get paid once a week. Once the customer spends $100, the driver becomes eligible to receive $10, one time, the following week.

  • You can find your referral code on the My Profile page under Invite Friends.

  • You can give your referral code to your customers, family, friends, contacts and colleagues. Anybody who likes to shop on AmplePoints.

  • Your inviting line: "AmplePoints has negotiated the best prices with local businesses and national brands. Shop on AmplePoints and earn up to 85% in reward points, and you can earn more reward points by watching ads, sharing products, and inviting friends. Once you earn AmplePoints you can use your AmplePoints to get products for free or discounts!"

  • AmplePoints can be used from any state in the USA. Just login to your account and start shopping.

  • AmplePoints can be used for shopping, entering into giveaways, or donating your AmplePoints to a charity.

  • Just click on below artwork to download the pdf file, and give it to your printer.

  • Yes, just go to your profile page and find the Invite Friends page, there you can send an invitation using an email or cell phone number.

  • Anytime a business joins using your referral code and buys an advertising/e-commerce package you will earn $300.

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